Our Story

How we look is an integral part of how we feel about ourselves and how we move and interact with the world.

Uncover was born out of our own experiences of feeling conscious about that scar or that patch of skin that just looks “off” or thinning hair giving us sleepless nights.


Wait for it (this isn’t even the worst part yet) because the real challenge begins now with the search to find a solution that would work, and finding the right answer is almost always time-consuming, and expensive. And worst of all, nothing works, consistently!

Navigating a space often jammed with misinformation, claims with asterisks, and promises with no backing, can be intimidating, leaving one desperate with self-doubts.

We are here to Uncover the Original You, so you can just be yourself, with confidence to conquer the contemporary world.

At Uncover you have a team of best in class expert Counselors, Aestheticians and Dermatologists who are your ally/friend/partner in your journey to achieve your own definition of “beauty” through science-backed information and treatments.

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Our doctors in addition to being skilled and knowledgeable, are wonderful humans. They’ll all put you at ease, whether you’re nervous about meeting us for the first time or just have a lot of questions.

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