Tailored treatments for acne scar reduction with anti-scar peel

Even Skin . Targeted Boost . Clear Complexion  


Tailored techniques for acne scar reduction with anti-scar peel

Even Skin . Targeted Boost . Clear Complexion  

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An anti-scar peel that helps in scar healing & skin recovery.


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01 What is an anti-scar peel?​

An anti-scar peel is a cosmetic procedure designed to reduce the appearance of scars on the skin. This type of peel involves the application of a chemical solution to the skin, which helps exfoliate the top layer of damaged skin and promote the growth of new, healthier skin cells.

02 Benefits​

This peel helps in the improvement of skin texture and radiance through exfoliation, stimulation of collagen production leading to firmer skin and diminished scars and  fading of hyperpigmentation

03 How is it performed?

The chemical solution used in an anti-scar peel usually contains ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), retinoids, or other specialized exfoliating agents.  the scarred area over time.

04 Who is it for?

Regular sessions of the anti-scar peel work best on chronic scars left on the skin due to the healing of the acne. People with hyperpigmented skin and acne marks will highly benefit from this peel. 

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I can't believe how much my acne scars have faded after just a few anti-scar peel sessions!


The anti-scar peel sessions gave my skin a new lease on life - smoother, clearer, and my surgical scar is barely noticeable now.


After struggling with stubborn scars for years, the customized anti-scar peel finally gave me the confidence to show off my skin again

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Frequently Asked Questions


Anti-scar peels are effective for various types of scars, including acne, surgical, and injury-related scars. However, results may vary based on scar type, depth, and individual skin characteristics.

Results may not be instant, as the skin needs time to heal and regenerate. Improvement becomes noticeable as the skin undergoes its natural renewal process.

Downtime depends on the strength of the peel and your skin's response. Some individuals experience mild redness and flaking, which typically resolves within a few hours. 

Preparation might involve avoiding sun exposure and certain skincare products before the procedure. Your skincare professional will provide specific instructions.

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