Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Fall

Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss

Hair fall is seen in day-to-day life. This experience is common for both genders. Hair fall can be temporary or permanent depending upon various factors. About 50 to 100 hair falling in a day is considered normal and does not require any treatment. With hair fall, there is new growth of hair. More than usual hair loss while brushing and washing can cause permanent baldness.

Sudden changes in hair fall may be the cause of underlying medical disease. Hair loss is also called alopecia. It can be due to hormonal changes, unhealthy dietary habits, ageing or hereditary factors.

Hair loss affects around 147 million people worldwide. It can affect males and females both. Hair fall starts at the age of 30 or more. Many people show early signs of greying and balding.

According to the studies, covid has increased the number of hair fall incidents in both males and females. It is a slowly progressing disorder. One possible solution is an ayurvedic treatment for hair loss. Ayurvedic medicine is considered the first line of treatment as there are minimal side effects with lots of benefits. Ayurveda treatment offers complete or partial relief in 60 % of hair fall individuals.

Before starting any hair fall treatment, inform the doctor about the medical history. There are many options available from allopathic to ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth.

Symptoms of hair fall

Nowadays hair fall is common. But if the hair loss count increases then you need to seek treatment. Hair loss can be sudden or gradual.

Symptoms include:

  • Gradual falling of hair.
  • Receding of the frontal hairline is the most common pattern in men.
  • Widening of the hairline is seen in women.
  • Circular bald spots.
  • Most men have visible circular bald patches.
  • Bulk hair loss: Bulk hair fall is seen with gentle brushing or washing of hair.

Causes of hair loss

  • Ageing: At the age of 40 years, both males and females can face hair thinning and hair loss.
  • Weight loss
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Pollution: Environmental pollution also damages hair. 
  • Strict dieting: Not getting enough vitamins and minerals can cause temporary hair loss.
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes during childbirth or pregnancy can cause temporary hair loss. But hair fall during menopause needs treatment. Without treatment, menopause may elevate the changes to female pattern baldness.
  • Medical condition: Alopecia areta, ringworm, and trichotillomania cause baldness in a short period. Hair loss can be due to underlying diseases like depression, gout, arthritis, and blood pressure. 
  • Stress: Temporary hair loss is seen in stressful conditions.
  • Hair treatment at salon or home: Excessive use of hairstyling products like hair gel, sprays, hair color, hair straightening, and curling can damage it. A tight hairstyle like a high ponytail further pulls the hair and breaks it from the roots.
  • Medication: Side effects of some drugs prescribed for diabetes and cancer etc contribute to hair loss.
  • Radiation and chemotherapy therapy

For early treatment, consult your doctor to avoid permanent baldness.

Treatment for hair fall

We can opt for either allopathy or ayurvedic treatment for hair fall.

Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall

Ayurveda is an age-old science. It uses herbs for the treatment of diseases. Ayurvedic herbs provide a natural remedy. They can be used in the form of hair oil, pack, shampoo or by oral consumption. Ayurvedic treatment is based on Vat, Kapha and Pitta doshas. If there is an imbalance in your Prakriti (mental and physical well-being), you will experience hair loss and other health problems. Prakriti is balanced between mind and body. It is believed that if there is an imbalance in pitta dosha, this results in hair issues. Ayurveda has a plethora of herbs that promote the regrowth, moisturization and glowing of hair. Before proceeding to allopathy treatment, ayurvedic treatment is considered the best option as there are fewer chances of risk factors.

Below are a few ayurvedic herbs for hair growth:

  • Amla:
    • Amla is loaded with vitamin C and is an antioxidant.
    • Strengthens hair follicles and makes them strong and shiny.
    • Massage with amla oil also increases blood circulation.
    • Treats dandruff.
    • It also reverses greying and hair thinning.
    • How to use: Amla can be consumed raw or amla oil can be applied to hair.
  • Shikakai
    • Shikakai also has antioxidative properties like amla. It is an excellent hair cleanser.
    • Shikakai can be used as shampoo as it has hair-cleansing properties.
    • It nourishes hair roots and repairs split ends
    • How to apply: Make a paste of shikakai. This powder should be mixed with coconut oil and applied to the scalp twice a week. One can also use shikakai to wash hair.
  • Neem:
    • Neem is known for its bitter taste. It is a blood purifier.
    • It promotes hair growth and removes impurities from the body.
    • How to use: Apply neem oil or drink neem juice.
  • Aloe vera:
    • Applying aloe vera gel moisturizes the scalp and promotes hair growth.
    • It gives shiny, lustrous hair.
    • How to apply: Take the aloe vera stem and remove the sticky transparent gel and apply directly on the hair. Keep it for one hour and wash it off with shampoo.
  • Hibiscus leaves:
    • How to use: wash hair with a paste of hibiscus leaves.
  • Bhingraj:
    • Bhingraj is full of vitamins and minerals.
    • Regular use can reduce stress, increase blood circulation, accelerate hair growth and gives healthy and shiny hair.
    • How to apply: Bhingraj is mixed in coconut or sesame oil to get most of its benefits
  • Methi seeds:
    • Methi seeds are also called fenugreek. It is a source of folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C and proteins.
    • It prevents hair loss and hair greying.
    • How to apply: Soak methi seeds overnight and then grind them in a blender to make a fine paste. This paste should be applied thrice a week for half an hour on the scalp.
  • Curry leaf oil:
    • Curry leaves are commonly used in all Indian households. 
    • It has a cooling effect and repairs split ends and hair growth.
    • Use: Warm coconut oil and put curry leaves in it. It is applied directly to the affected area. 

Ayurvedic treatment is an effective way to regrow your hair naturally without any side effects. 

Allopathic Treatments For Hair loss 

  • Minoxidil sprays: Minoxidil can be applied twice daily for more than 6-8 months. There can be side effects like skin irritation and allergy.
  • Angrogen drugs: These are prescribed if women have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). They can cause an increase in weight.
  • Finasteride: This is prescribed to men who experience hair loss and male pattern baldness. Risk includes prostate cancer or low sex drive.
  • Hair transplant: This is a surgical procedure. But it is a permanent solution for hair loss. There is a risk of infection, swelling, and bleeding. But medication will take care of those risk factors.
  • Hair weaving
  • Laser treatment: This is still being researched.
  • Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) hair regrowth treatment.

At UNCOVER, along with advanced technology, we have the most experienced and reliable dermatologists. Our knowledgeable team is committed to providing personalized, accessible, cost-effective, and tailored aesthetic treatment with advanced and safe technology.


What is alopecia areta?

Alopecia areta is an autoimmune disorder. This disease attacks the hair follicle and causes hair fall. Drugs such as corticosteroids and topical minoxidil are prescribed for hair regrowth. 

What is trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is also called a hair-pulling disorder. This is a disorder in which a person has the urge to pull his hair. It can be treated by habit reversal training and cognitive therapy.

How is female or male pattern baldness diagnosed?

Female and male pattern baldness is diagnosed by:

  • Blood test: Thyroid, iron and androgen test.
    • Pull test: The doctor will gently pull the hair from the scalp and conclude from it.
    • Family history: Evaluation of hereditary factors.
    • Scalp biopsy: It helps in evaluating the infection which is the cause of hair fall.

What are the preventive measures for hair fall?

  • Have a balanced diet: There are many secret ingredients in our food that help to restore hair growth. Consuming raw vegetables and salads provides a balanced diet.
    • Proper hair care: One should brush the hair gently and use hair serum to detangle it. A wide tooth hair comb should be used. Avoid the usage of hair styling products. High ponytails or tight hairstyles should be prevented to avoid the breakage of hair.
    • Cover the head to protect it from sunlight
    • Quit smoking
    • Hydration: Drinking plenty of water is essential.
    • Adequate sleep

What is the cost of PRP treatment?

The cost varies from person to person as the factors for hair fall are different. The cost for the treatment starts from Rs 5,000.

Consult your doctor if you experience constant hair fall. At UNCOVER, specialists take time to discuss your options and focus on your needs. Check our website and read our blogs to know more.

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