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Why Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal is probably the most common of our monthly grooming worries. Wondering what will show in your fav. outfit when stepping out has given us all those sleepless nights. Everyone dreads a faux pas!  

It doesn’t matter really if you are a “Razor” person or a “waxing” person, both come with their own set of challenges. Excruciatingly painful waxing sessions can leave one in tears, and razors, while quick, almost always leave the skin bumpy and rough. Not to mention ingrown hair as if our troubles weren’t already enough! 

Introducing Painless, Permanent Laser Hair Removal Solutions

✔️ Painless
✔️ No In-grown hair
✔️ Permanent
✔️ Cost-Efffective in long terms
Painless Hair Reduction Solutions

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Full Body Sessions

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Top-Rated Dermatologists

Only the Top Dermatologists from institutions like AIIMS to provide you the highest standard of care. NO Compromises

FDA Approved Latest Technology

Our examination & procedure rooms are equipped with the most advanced medical technologies available on the market.

All Sessions Under Dermatologist Supervision

Our team of Dermatologists keep supervision of each session and your progress through the treatments and procedures at the clinic.

Experienced and Trained Therapists

All our therapists come equipped with experitise from years of practice and multiple trainings with our in-house specialists.

Easy Online Scheduling

Our team is just a call away to Quickly & easily book all of your appointments and communicate with your doctor online.

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Yes, it is permanent, as it works by removing hair from the roots. 

On an average 6-8 sessions are recommended, but certain areas of the body like face, softer regions of the arm might need more sessions. If you have other conditions like PCOD/PCOS than the number of sittings can go upto 12/15.

It is not 100% removal, at the end of your treatment there will be 70-80% reduction in density and thickness of growth. 

Yes it is 100% safe to get laser hair removal done in sensitive areas like bikini. There are no long term or short term side effects on fertility, hormones, or conceiving etc. In fact it is one of the common procedures opted in by customers. 

You can start as early as 14 years, in case of girls we usually wait 1-2 years post the first menstrual cycle. 

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