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Why You Should Go For Lip Peel Treatment?

There are about a zillion ways to make your lips look as shredded as a pair of jeans — swiping on too matte lipsticks, licking your lips, using a sulfate-rich toothpaste — but only one way to fix the problem – Lip Peel.

A lip peel is a cosmetic procedure that removes dead skin cells and impurities from the lips’ surface. It can be performed at home or in a salon or spa and typically consists of applying a chemical exfoliant to the lips, which helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.

Treat the lip area with extra care and delicacy because it is one of the thinnest and most fragile areas of the body. Benefits of Lip Peel treatment in Gurgaon includes:

✔️Renew the most superficial layer of the lips
✔️Improve lip color and tone
✔️ Increase the permeability of the lip skin
✔️Make your lips refreshed, supple, & baby soft.

Causes of Dull Lip

It is critical to monitor the health of your lips and notice any changes in color as soon as possible in order to treat them properly.

Unfortunately, no matter how effective a home remedy appears to be, it will not lighten your lips and return them to their original pink color in the long run. So, book your appointment today with UnCover Clinics for the best lip-lightening treatment in Gurgaon. 

There can be various reasons for dull lips:

✔️ Sun exposure:  Just like the skin on our faces, the skin over our lips tans in the sun. Excessive sun exposure increases melanin production on the lips, making them brown or dull in color.

✔️Smoking and chewing tobacco cause tar and nicotine deposition on the lips, which causes pigmentation.

✔️ Excessive coffee consumption causes lip-darkening because coffee contains caffeine.

✔️ Lip licking or biting can cause dull lip due to the formation of dry skin on the lips.

✔️ Anyone with a history of dull lips is likely to or may face the same problem at some point in their lives.

✔️ Using expired products on the lips, using matte finish lipsticks, or applying dark lip lipstick on a regular basis can cause darkening of the lips due to the presence of lead.

✔️Toothpaste or lip cosmetics allergy results in pigmentation due to repeated inflammation.

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FAQ of dull LiP Treatment

Depending on the patient, more than one session may be advised. Consult best dermatologist of UnCover Clinics to know more.

Lip peels might have various dangers and side effects, such as skin sensitivity, redness, and irritation, much like any cosmetic procedure. When using a lip peel, it’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s or your healthcare provider’s directions and to stop using the product if you have any negative reactions.

The in-clinic lip rejuvenation treatment in Gurgaon  shows immediate results.

  • Most importantly, avoid smoking and using any tobacco-based products to avoid lip pigmentation.
  • To protect your lips from sun damage, use an SPF lip balm.
  • Lip products containing active ingredients such as retinol and kojic acid can aid in the lightening of your lips
  • Honey, beetroot juice, or olive oil can be used as an overnight treatment on your lips to reduce pigmentation.
  • lip mask made at home with strawberries or raspberries and aloe vera can also help lighten your lips.

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