Best ways to remove pubic hair

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Best ways to remove pubic hair

Having pubic body hair is a very natural thing. However, it can also lead to various issues, aesthetic and hygienic alike. Therefore, it is important to take proper care of it. There are many different ways of taking care of pubic hair.

The most common and preferred way of dealing with pubic hair is to remove it. However, even removing pubic hair can be cumbersome. To avoid this difficulty, permanent pubic laser hair removal is the best option. Learn more about pubic hair removal on the following page.

Why do we have pubic hair?

All body hair has some purpose. This includes pubic hair. There are many benefits of having pubic hair. It lessens the friction during sex. Pubic hair acts as a dry lubricant. It also prevents the transmission of bacteria and other pathogens. 

Pubic hair also protects against certain infections like cellulitis, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), urinary tract infections (UTIs), vaginitis, yeast infections, etc. This is because hair follicles produce a certain type of oil. It prevents the reproduction of bacteria in the pubic region.

Why should pubic hair be removed?

Pubic hair is generally very beneficial. But its growth - including location and thickness - varies from person to person. Most people decide what they want to do with their pubic hair based on their preferences. Some people keep it while others want to remove it, temporarily or permanently.

Pubic hair traps a lot of sweat, oil, and bacteria. Therefore it has a stronger odour than other parts of the body. This is why some people prefer removing all their pubic hair. Another common reason behind pubic hair removal is personal grooming. 

Some people also get pubic hair removed if they or their partner do not like it. Some people also believe that pubic hair removal improves pleasure during sexual intercourse by improving pubic sensitivity.

What are the different pubic hair removal techniques?

There are a lot of options for pubic hair removal, both temporary and permanent. Here are a few techniques that a person can opt for bikini hair removal.

Permanent bikini hair removal techniques:

  • Electrolysis for pubic hair removal

The electrolysis procedure is performed by specialised cosmetologists or dermatologists. During the procedure, the doctor uses an electrical current to destroy the root of the hair. This causes it to fall out and prevents it from growing back. 

  • Permanent laser pubic hair removal 

Laser hair removal is the most preferred technique for permanent pubic hair removal. The procedure is generally painless. But due to the sensitivity of the pubic region, a numbing gel may be used. 

It is performed by dermatologists using advanced US FDA-approved laser devices. Its results remain consistent for many months, even years in certain cases. There is normally little-to-no downtime required after the procedure.

  • At-home Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device

IPL is very similar to laser therapy. However, it does not require a licensed specialist. IPL devices can be used by a person for self-hair removal. The device releases different wavelengths. These penetrate the skin and zap the hair follicles.

  • Prescription creams

Prescription creams don’t remove the pubic hair completely. But they slow down its growth within 4 to 8 weeks. They work for as long as the person uses them. But they can permanently reduce hair growth in the pubic region.

Temporary pubic hair removal options

  • Pubic hair waxing

Waxing isn’t permanent. But it's a quick and easy way of removing pubic hair. It can be performed by a professional esthetician. It is generally known as bikini wax or Brazilian wax. A person who is experienced enough can wax their pubic hair on their own as well.

  • Depilatory cream

Depilatory creams include creams, gels, or lotions that dissolve hair at its roots. This slows down the regrowth of hair. It also keeps the person completely hairless for at least 2 weeks at a time.

  • Shaving pubic hair

Shaving pubic hair is only effective for 2-3 days. But it is very quick and can resolve hair growth problems in a pinch. However, it can lead to irritated, itchy, bumpy skin in the pubic area, along with ingrown hair, and other complications.

  • Tweezing and trimming pubic hair

Trimming and tweezing pubic hairs takes a little time. It involves plucking out pubic hair and trimming with scissors. It helps people tame their pubic hair if they do not want to remove it completely.

What are the benefits of permanent laser bikini laser hair removal?

Permanent laser hair removal offers a wide range of benefits such as:

  • It offers good and long-lasting results. So the person can say goodbye to unwanted pubic hair for a long time.
  • It is very low maintenance in the long term. So it does not necessitate any care for their pubic region.
  • It has very few side effects. These only occur in very rare cases.
  • It is very quick. Small areas like the upper lip and chin take only 15 minutes, while large areas like the legs and back take about an hour.
  • It protects from ingrown hair, pubic inflammation, itching, etc.
  • It is less painful than tweezing, threading, waxing, etc.
  • It results in smooth clear pubic skin.

How much does pubic laser hair removal cost at UnCover?

Permanent bikini laser hair removal can take multiple sessions in some cases. The average cost of one session of permanent bikini laser hair removal ranges from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 15000. This cost range is very arbitrary. It depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • The size of the body area from where the hair is to be removed
  • The total number of sessions required for the completion of the process
  • The colour of the patient’s skin and body hair
  • The texture, size, and type of hair
  • The expertise of the hair removal specialist
  • The type of laser machines and techniques used for hair removal, etc.

To know the exact cost of the hair removal treatment, it is best to get an in-clinic consultation with an expert hair removal specialist. The specialist will be able to assess the thickness, size, and texture of the pubic hair, along with other characteristics. This will enable them to determine the best procedure for you and the number of sessions you will need.

Generally, the permanent pubic laser hair removal cost at UnCover is very affordable with a very high success rate. Another benefit of receiving permanent laser pubic hair removal at UnCover Skin and Hair Clinic is that it has advanced clinical facilities and cosmetology staff to ensure successful treatment.

To conclude

Though bikini hair removal is not strictly necessary, if a person desires to get rid of their unwanted pubic hair, laser hair removal is the best option. It offers smooth and clean pubic skin, without any major inconveniences for the person.

Get a detailed consultation with a dermatologist or cosmetologist before deciding on any one option to get a realistic idea of the results of the treatment. 

If you want permanent laser hair removal for the pubic region or any other part of the body, you should immediately book an appointment with a specialist at UnCover. UnCover provides advanced laser hair removal in a clean and hygienic clinical environment to ensure successful results. 

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