Best Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently

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Best Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently

A long-lasting solution to unwanted body hair

It is common to be bothered by unwanted hair growth on certain parts of one's face and body. If you desire to have long-lasting silky and smooth skin, you may opt for hair removal.

Waxing and shaving, although effective, are just short-term solutions. The need for permanent, painless, and efficient hair removal for both cosmetic and medical reasons is growing. Hair removal methods are varied and include waxing, epilation, chemical depilation, electrolysis, and laser treatment for hair removal, also called laser hair reduction (LHR).

The most effective method to remove unwanted hair permanently is LHR. You may consider LHR if you're searching for a painless, effective, hassle-free, and long-lasting solution to removing unwanted hair.

What causes unwanted hair growth?

The following factors can cause different parts of the body with unwanted hair concerns:

  • Hormonal disorders such as adrenal gland disorders and acromegaly cause excessive hair growth in the chin, upper lips, or other facial parts to grow thick hair.
  • Women with PCOS may have thick, profuse hair growth on different parts of their bodies
  • Familial hirsutism or a genetic predisposition may predispose one to develop the condition
  • Long-term use of medications such as corticosteroids can cause hirsutism in women.

What are some popular temporary methods to remove body hair?

There are several methods available that offer temporary relief from body hair. These are as follows:


This is the most commonly used method to get rid of body hair. Hair gets trimmed from the surface while roots remain intact. Thus, hair regrows shortly after and requires repeating the process every few days. New hair growth that appears after trimming or shaving is often darker and coarser. Care should be taken while shaving to prevent cuts and injuries.


Epilation uses an electronic device called an epilator to remove hair from the roots by plucking. Although painful, it provides soft and smooth skin for a few weeks. Waxing also works on the same principle, the only difference being the use of hot or cold wax and wax strips to pull away hair from the roots. Problems associated with these methods are ingrown hair and strawberry legs.


These methods are usually used to remove unwanted hair on the face, such as eyebrows, or hair on the forehead, upper lip, cheeks and chin. A tweezer or a thread is used to pull strands of hair out of the skin. This is also a painful method and results last for only a few weeks.

Hair removal creams

Various commercial hair removal creams are available in the market that works by dissolving the hair. However, it is a chemical treatment that may be associated with side effects like redness, burns, itching, or blisters if it does not suit the skin. This method does not remove hair roots; thus, the results are short-lived.

What is laser treatment for hair removal and how is it performed?

Nowadays, millions of people are choosing laser hair removal procedures as a preferred option to unwanted hair removal. In this method, melanin pigment in the skin is stimulated by the use of laser or intense light radiation (ILR). This light energy is subsequently transformed into heat energy, generating high heat that destroys the hair follicles. This prevents or delays hair regrowth.

First, a cold gel is applied to the region to be treated. Laser light is applied to the skin's surface, penetrating the hair's root and damaging it to prevent hair regrowth. This results in the long-term removal of unwanted hair in the area. But, it is important to note that laser treatment for hair removal may need multiple sessions before the desired results become visible.

Laser hair removal can last for many months to years. However, the regrown hair is usually finer and lighter. Although this procedure does not ensure 100% eradication of unwanted hair growth, it leads to a significant reduction in hair growth amounting to 70 to 80%.

Furthermore, this procedure is safe and effective, yet a few individuals can experience skin redness and irritation. This normally goes away within a few hours. In darker skin-toned individuals this therapy may also result in transient alterations in pigmentation. Regardless, this procedure must be conducted only by experts, so one must visit reliable clinics such as UnCover, for an effective solution.

Why choose UnCover clinics for laser hair reduction treatments?

UnCover is a leading brand in providing all kinds of aesthetic services related to skin and hair. State-of-the-art modern technology is used here to provide individualised, easily accessible, reasonably priced, and specialized cosmetic care.

At UnCover, we have an answer to all your beauty goals! Our experienced and knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions for all your hair and skin woes. A qualified and specialized team of doctors will initially assess your hair and skin type and then prescribe the best treatment plan suited to your needs. We offer several laser hair removal packages for all parts of the body.

Depending upon the skin tone, the area to be treated and the rate of hair regrowth, our experts may recommend eight to twelve sessions spaced four to eight weeks apart to obtain long-lasting benefits of the treatment. One must remember that everyone is different, so results may vary.

What is the cost of laser hair removal at UnCover?

Laser hair removal treatment at UnCover starts at Rs. 1800 for one session. However, individuals can avail of it at lower prices if they book more sessions. These package costs are as follows:

Rs. 1750 per session for 3 sessions

Rs. 1600 per session for 6 sessions

Rs. 12,800 for unlimited sessions valid for 1 year

What are the pre and post-care tips for laser hair treatment?

Pre-care tips

  • Please consult your treating doctor about your medical history, current medicines, allergies, skin type, and propensity for bruising, scarring, or poor healing.
  • For at least four weeks before treatment, avoid getting a tan in the sun or using tanning lotions. This is necessary not just during therapy, but also afterwards.
  • Please avoid using tretinoin-containing drugs for two weeks before treatment. For one week before treatment, you should avoid using any products containing glycolic acid and other alpha hydroxyl acids. In addition to increasing your photosensitivity, many drugs also raise your risk for serious side effects.
  • The risk of bruising may be reduced by avoiding blood-thinning and anti-inflammatory drugs for at least three days before treatment. Talk to your doctor before stopping the medication
  • No part of your body that has an active skin infection or open sore should be treated with LHR.

Post-care tips

  • You could feel a little sunburnt after treatment, but it should go away within a couple of hours. Redness of the skin is common and usually fades within a week or two. Nevertheless, blistering and crusting are very rare and seldom cause any harm. After a few days, you may see some flaking in the pigmented regions.
  • There is some evidence that cold compresses and items similar to aloe vera that have a cooling effect may help to ease irritation. If you feel the need, you may take an over-the-counter pain reliever or anti-inflammatory. If you're experiencing itching or skin irritation, a steroid cream like hydrocortisone could help. Talk to your doctor about your queries.
  • During around 48 hours, the skin will be very sensitive. To prevent further irritation, wash the treated area with lukewarm water and use mild cleansers.
  • If the epidermis is not disturbed, you may apply moisturiser or makeup right away.
  • During the following four weeks, you should stay out of the sun and apply sunblock (SPF 50+). Over the next week, avoid applying any further treatments or drugs to the treated region.
  • Keep the treatment area exposed and open. The treatment region should not be exfoliated or scrubbed.

To Sum It Up

Having body hair is a completely natural phenomenon. However, wanting to remove unwanted hair permanently is a completely personal choice. While there are no methods available to remove unwanted body hair completely and for a lifetime, laser hair removal provides an efficient and cost-effective method to remove body hair and enjoy long-lasting results.

Laser hair removal leads to a significant reduction in overall hair growth. However, multiple sessions may be required to obtain the desired results. This also depends on several other factors, such as hair type, skin type, rate of hair growth etc.

While laser hair removal is one of the best methods for hair reduction, it is important to consult a doctor, especially a dermatologist before going for the treatment. If you have an underlying condition such as hyperthyroidism or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) that is the reason for excessive body hair, you must consult your doctor and get your condition treated while simultaneously opting for laser hair removal.

CTA: At UnCover, you can book a free appointment with our experts to know about laser hair removal for various body parts. Furthermore, our highly qualified and experienced dermatologists will assist you in determining the best care for your unique needs. There are several affordable treatment plans to choose from based on your requirements. We urge you to book a free consultation at UnCover now at your nearest clinic location.

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