Can I Do Laser Hair Removal If I Have Vitiligo?

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Can I Do Laser Hair Removal If I Have Vitiligo?

If you're mildly affected by vitiligo, laser treatment might be a good choice for you. It really depends on the severity of your condition, though. However, if you have a mild case of the condition, you may be able to have treatment. This is not recommended for severe cases. Laser is not a good choice for people with paler skin, as the laser works by making the hair follicles burn. If you want to check if it’s suitable for you, just see if there is any hair or pigment in your paler areas. When hair is dark, laser treatment is most effective on the areas covered in dark hair. We always recommend speaking to your dermatologist first. If they find that a laser hair removal is a good option for you, skin specialists at Uncover Clinics are happy to discuss it with you.

If you have vitiligo, we'd recommend that you...

  • Sun protection is key to avoiding skin damage -   Use high-grade sunscreen at all times if you are going to be out in the sun. Always use a sunblock that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Don’t use harsh scrubs, as this can aggravate the skin—try out some gentler products instead to keep the skin healthy.
  • Avoid trauma to your skin or other parts of your body, to prevent vitiligo from spreading.

Why can't severe cases of vitiligo be treated by laser?

People with severe vitiligo need to be extra careful in the sun. This is because they have a large number of sections of skin without pigment - which can lead to sunburn. And sunburn can cause patches of vitiligo to spread.

Laser hair removal can be too intense for someone with this condition, who might feel pain or have a reaction to the light and heat. When you start a course of treatment, the heat is low and your hair is thick and dark. The laser doesn't need as much energy to target these hairs. But as you progress through the setting, you'll need more energy. Because hairs become lighter and finer, they need more heat to target them. Heat can make vitiligo worse as it changes the texture and color of the skin.

Mild cases of vitiligo can be a safe option for removing unwanted hair.

When mild cases of vitiligo are involved, it is best to consult with a dermatologist first. Your skin can be assessed and your own set of circumstances are taken into account, with an eye to what is best for it. Your skin is our priority. We will never compromise its safety for anyone else's convenience.

If you have vitiligo, your laser settings will not be high enough to do the job. You'll need a patch test before we can see how your skin responds. Throughout the treatment course, if you see any changes in your skin color, let us know right away so we can stop the treatment.

If you've noticed that your patches have been getting worse due to sunburn or topical products containing chemicals, we wouldn't recommend having laser treatment. As with all intense lights, the laser can make your vitiligo worse. Without a doubt, it's vital we make sure you're safe before you start your treatment.

You can contact us to arrange a free consultation at Uncover Clinics by Meddo. We'll assess your areas, and offer honest advice on how best to proceed. We may ask you to speak with our dermatologist just to make sure that you're suitable for treatment.

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