Everything You Need to Know About Nose Hair Removal

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Everything You Need to Know About Nose Hair Removal

The face is the index of the mind, after all!

This famous saying exemplifies the importance of the face. What better reason is required to keep the face clean and aesthetic? After all, humans require only about eight seconds to form an opinion about each other. Thus maintaining one’s appearance is important irrespective of age and gender.

Excess hair is a common problem faced by a lot of men and women of all ages, especially in areas such as the nose. Nose hair is a natural condition that helps to prevent the entry of foreign particles such as dust and germs. However, excess nose hair may be bothersome. There are several nose hair removal techniques but some can be painful and tricky.

Here we discuss the causes of nose hair and one of the best ways to remove nose hair permanently.

Do we require nasal hair at all?

The hair inside the nose prevents foreign particles like dust, and microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, etc. from entering the human airways. This safeguards the lungs, thus preventing respiratory diseases. If nose hair is removed completely, this may increase the risk of contracting diseases like respiratory tract infections, sinusitis (inflammation of sinuses/empty ‘air spaces’ in the face), different kinds of allergies, etc. But in some people, excess hair in the nose becomes a major aesthetic concern. Also, some people might have the propensity to grow nasal hair faster than others. In such people, nose hair removal is an option.

Is Nasal hair removal a gender-specific option?

Nasal hair removal is an option that may be opted for by both sexes. Men tend to grow more nasal hair than women. There are several causes for this but the most common ones are related to genes and hormones. Also, the human body may produce more nasal hair in people who are more exposed to outside environmental factors.

Nevertheless, a few women might also be affected by an excess of hair in the nose and may have to go in for nasal hair removal. Women who are undergoing disturbances in their hormones are more prone to increased nasal hair.

What are the causes of nasal hair?

Babies are born with what is called vellus hair inside their noses. This hair is translucent, light-coloured, and thin. As they age, this hair turns dark and also becomes longer and thicker due to an increase in the production of androgens or male hormones. Few scientists have advocated that the hair in the nose gets more prominent in men with increasing age due to testosterone’s (the chief male sex hormone) influence. This is because the hair follicles in the nose become more sensitive to testosterone leading to an increase in their size. In women, abnormal androgen levels may cause hirsutism (excessive hair) and unwanted hair growth in their noses.

What are some common methods to get rid of nose hair?

Some of the most commonly used methods for nose hair removal are as follows:

1.     Trimmers

Electric trimmers or buzzers to trim nasal hair: These are cordless, battery-operated grooming tools that have specialised attachments to control excessive hair growth. With rounded blades and small size, trimmers and facial buzzers can easily enter the nostrils.

The sensitive tissues inside the nasal cavity are not harmed, and it is one of the safest, quickest, and painless ways to eliminate lengthy nose hair. Its inner blades that rotate or oscillate softly cut the extra hair growing along the nasal wall without pulling it. The results are, however, short-term. It needs to be repeated periodically for maintenance.

2.     Scissors

Scissors to trim nasal hair: This is one of the best grooming tools that is specially designed and is a ‘must-have’ for any man to efficiently control facial fuzz. It is simple to trim the hair in the difficult-to-reach parts of the nose with its rounded edges and sharp blades being cautious not to pierce or damage the skin. This also provides a short-term solution and needs to be repeated periodically.

3.     Waxing

Nose waxing: Waxing is a popular method of choice for nose hair removal in both men and women. Several do-it-yourself (DIY) nose waxing kits are available in the market. These are usually enriched with aloe vera, chamomile oil, etc. Along with them, specially designed ‘safe-tip’ applicators to coat and pull the long nose hair are available. However, this method of nose hair removal can cause a lot of pain and also lead to some other discomforts like:

  • A sensation of burning and irritation of the sensitive skin on the face and the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity.
  • Hair follicles may get damaged leading to swelling or other infections.
  • Ingrown hair is another problem that occurs after waxing.

4.     Tweezing/plucking

Tweezing/Plucking nose hair: It is the most painful method of nose hair removal. It is also a very tedious and time-consuming procedure as it involves the removal of one nose hair strand at a time. Further, removing hair from the nostrils in this way may result in injuries and infections.

5.     Laser hair removal

Laser nose hair removal: The best option for getting rid of unwanted hair growth on the delicate parts of the face, such as the nose, is laser hair removal treatment. Expert doctors employ cutting-edge technology to precisely target undesirable hair follicles with a laser beam without harming the delicate facial skin. During the procedure, high-heat lasers are directed towards the hair follicles that target the pigment in the hair and damage the hair follicles thereby preventing new hair growth. But, it is important to note that laser hair removal may need multiple sessions before the desired results are obtained. The procedure is extremely quick and safe and has no downtime, taking less than fifteen minutes to complete. It is a painless and effective way to remove nose hair permanently. It can be used for the elimination of unwanted hair that grows on the bridge, sides, and tip of the nose.

Please be aware that a consultation with a dermatologist is crucial. Certain conditions preclude the performance of the laser treatment procedure. The doctor will evaluate the condition carefully, weigh the pros and cons of all methods and take a final call on when to go in for laser nose hair removal.

Pre-care and post-care tips for laser nose hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the best methods to remove nose hair. Some of the pre-care, and post-care tips to be followed while undergoing laser nose hair removal are listed below and should be followed meticulously:

Pre-care tips:

  • One should avoid excessive sun exposure for at least two weeks before the procedure.
  • One should avoid a few skincare products like retinoids, alpha-hydroxy acids, etc. before the procedure to minimise the risk of irritation.
  • Waxing/laser hair removal in the treatment area should be avoided for at least two weeks before the procedure.
  • Certain medications should be avoided before the procedure. All the medications consumed by the person undergoing the procedure should be disclosed to the doctor performing the procedure. The doctor will decide and advise the medicines to be avoided.

Post-care tips:

  • ·        Skin redness, swelling, bruising, crusting, or blisters may occur and last for up to 10 days.
  • ·        One should avoid direct exposure to sunlight after the treatment.
  • If required, one can use ice packs or cold compresses to lessen the discomfort or swelling. Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines as advised by the doctor may be taken if there is itching or swelling of the eyes.
  • The skin will be fragile for two to three days. One can use lukewarm water to clean the nose gently, without rubbing or scratching inside.

What is the cost of laser hair removal for the nose?

The cost for laser hair reduction on face parts starts at ₹ 1,800 per session. More sessions come at a better price:

  • 3 sessions @ Rs. 5,250 (Rs. 1750/session)
  • 6 sessions @ Rs.9,600 (Rs. 1600/session)
  • Unlimited Sessions for 1 yr @ Rs. 12,800

Why choose UnCover?

UnCover is a leading brand in providing all kinds of aesthetic services related to skin and hair. At UnCover, we have an experienced and knowledgeable team dedicated to providing one of the best cost-effective and personalized treatment plans for your beauty goals. Our team of qualified and specialized doctors will provide expert opinions concerning laser nose hair removal after an initial assessment of your condition.

To sum up

Nasal hair though useful, its excess is a major aesthetic concern, especially for many men and also women. To permanently get rid of nose hair is a personal choice, but one must consult a qualified dermatologist to learn the best course of action. Laser nose hair removal is one of the best methods to safely and effectively remove excessive nose hair. If you wish to get your nasal hair removed, think no further than UnCover!

CTA: UnCover has a range of laser hair reduction treatments and a team of experienced and specialized dermatologists who will help you in getting rid of excess and recurrent nasal hair in the best possible way. Book a free consultation with one of our qualified dermatologists and have all your queries answered. Call Uncover today.

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