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The face's PRP treatment with dermal fillers is also known as the very well-known "vampire facial" of Hollywood. The derma roller's micro-injuries enable the PRP to penetrate the skin

This growth concentrate has revitalizing qualities which makes it appropriate for face treatments. PRP face treatment can be applied with a derma roller or tiny injections under the skin. 

On the skin, it possesses revitalizing and anti-aging properties. increases skin tone and texture and stimulates the synthesis of new collagen. After the procedure, the skin appears younger, smoother, and more radiant.

Two components make up platelet-rich plasma: platelets, a type of blood cell that is crucial to the body's overall recovery, and plasma, the liquid portion of blood. In addition to their well-known clotting properties, platelets also contain growth factors that can promote cell proliferation, encourage tissue regeneration, or hasten healing in the treated area. Simply said, platelet-rich plasma is blood that has more platelets than usual.

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