Hairstyles that can lead to hair fall & possible treatments

Understanding hair fall and Its Causes

Understanding hair fall and Its Causes

Everybody desires a head full of strong and healthy hair. However, in this modern day and age, the majority of the population suffers from hair fall. It occurs when one loses more than 100-150 strands a day.

Hair falls can result from multiple reasons, and a few hair loss causes include –

  • Nutrient deficiencies.
  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Stress.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Physical trauma.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Trichotillomania.
  • Alopecia areata.
  • Autoimmune diseases.

What hairstyles can lead to hair fall?

A Tight and High Ponytail

Since the skin might appear tighter and younger when the hair is pulled back tightly in a high ponytail, this hairstyle is mostly preferred by young women. Doing this can cause hair damage or trigger hair loss. It can also lead to a receding hairline if done frequently. One may also damage their hair follicles which may lead to excessive breakage.

A few good alternatives for tight ponytails include:

  • a sleek low ponytail.
  • a loose braid that gets tighter near the ends.

These are some of the best hairstyles to avoid hair fall. Other tips include using scrunchies or silk ponytail holders that are gentle on the strands.

Tight Braids

One should avoid tight braids if one can feel hair thinning. Braids may result in hair loss since they demand individuals to pull their hair back tightly, which weakens the roots at the scalp.

Alternatives can include loose braids and even two pigtails. Braiding on both sides of the hair will distribute the weight of the hair evenly. There is not much pulling or damage.

Wet Updos

Often, it is advised against sleeping with wet hair since it is more prone to breaking. Also, because wet hair is weak and brittle, pulling or brusquely combing it might result in hair loss and breakage. Finally, twisting or styling damp hair causes frizz, which leaves tangles and knots in the hair as it dries.

So, if one wants to rock that wet hair look, one can simply use a shine spray rather than choosing to style their wet hair.

Hair Straightening

Individuals attempting to gain straight hair through flat irons and straighteners can cause severe damage to their hair. It can even trigger hair fall. This is because direct heat on the hair will cause a chemical reaction with the hair protein, causing significant breakage and dullness.

Alternatives include straightening without heat or rocking their waves or curls, heat-free!

Tight Buns

While leaving hair in a bun all day can result in breakage and excessive pulling, leaving it in a bun at night in an attempt to achieve no-heat waves is much worse. The grip at the roots becomes stronger as one turns around in bed, increasing friction all through the night. Hence, messy buns might be one of the most prominent hairstyles that cause hair loss.

To avoid this, the majority of hair experts advise letting hair free or loosely wrapped at the ends, as it can stop hair fall. The roughness that linen or elastic can cause can be lessened by using silk sheets or silk hair accessories. Additionally, they can keep their hair very loose if they must wear it up at night, and one can also try using a loose band.

Hair Fall Treatments


If individuals are experiencing hair fall, it is advisable not to bleach their hair follicles or use harsh chemical products. For combing and grooming, one can use a soft brush and gentle shampoo. Also, one must avoid washing hair with hot water since it might cause hair to thin and lose important oils from the scalp.


Iron supplements might be helpful if hair loss is triggered by anaemia. However, depending on the findings of the test results, a medical professional or hair fall specialist may advise oral contraceptives, anti-androgen medications and so on.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

One of the few effective hair fall treatments that are trusted by medical professionals, is low-level laser therapy (LLLT). The exact mechanism by which LLLT stimulates the hair follicle stem cells to promote the creation of new hair is unknown. Both men and women have access to these gadgets, which can be used at one’s residence or in their doctor's office.

Stem Cell Therapy

Another modern technique to generate hair regrowth is stem cell therapy. In this procedure, the stem cells are injected into the scalp and six months later, one can expect improvement in hair growth. These cells stimulate the hair follicles, increasing the rate of growth, from within.


One of the best hair fall treatments is undoubtedly microneedling. In this case, the skin's outer layers are pierced with tiny needles, and by inducing a wound-healing response and releasing growth-promoting substances into the tissues, this treatment increases hair regrowth.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

PRP hair fall treatment is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that uses a concentrated solution of the client's natural platelets to promote hair growth and enhance the condition and look of the hair. A little sample of the person's blood is drawn for the procedure, and it is spun in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets from the rest of the blood cells. PRP, or a concentrated platelet solution, is then injected into the scalp or topically applied to the treatment region.

One can visit UnCover for expert opinions on PRP hair loss treatment. Here, experienced doctors execute the procedure under optimum conditions. As a result, this reverses hair thinning, alopecia areata, and baldness. This therapy is extremely affordable at UnCover, starting at Rs. 5000 for a 60-minute session.

How Does PRP Treatment Work?

With PRP therapy, the scalp is injected with a solution of the patient's platelets. The platelets have growth factors that encourage collagen formation and hair growth, which can enhance the scalp's general health and look.


Hence several hairstyles can lead to hair fall, but luckily there are also multiple hair fall treatments available to reverse the damage caused by them. Among them, PRP hair treatment is the most effective, and UnCover provides the same at affordable rates and achieves excellent results.

Our skilled and knowledgeable doctors put nervous patients at ease and weave magic into one's hair! What are you waiting for? Book a free consultation from the official website or visit UnCover clinics to get started!

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