How to get rid of your nipple/breast hair?

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How to get rid of your nipple/breast hair?

Wondering if your breast hair is normal? How to get rid of your breast/nipple hair?

Unwanted hair on the breast causes female embarrassment and inferiority. During puberty, some women grow hair on their breasts as part of their secondary sexual characteristics. You don't have to feel worried about it. This is because that is completely normal.

Some females can have hair around their breast area and in between the breast areas. Hair removal with lasers is possible without long-term side effects. The type of skin and laser technology used are important considerations when undergoing laser treatment.

Common causes of female breast hair

The growth of hair around the breasts or the nipples is dependent on the hormonal changes that are happening in your body. You are having a hormonal change because of

  • Puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Genetics
  • Long-term use of testosterone tablets,
  • Obesity-induced hair growth
  • Use of long-term steroids
  • Hirsutism 
  • Hormonal imbalance: increased testosterone, high androgen levels, high levels of cortisol


There's no need to worry if you have hairy breasts but no other symptoms. If you are suffering from any symptoms, you may have an underlying hormonal imbalance. This needs medical attention. You should talk to your doctor and get it treated.

  • Missed periods
  • Female baldness
  • Acne formation
  • Mood disturbance
  • Male pattern hair growth
  • The sudden growth of hair on the breasts

Conditions that lead to the growth of hair on breasts

  • Hormonal problems like polycystic ovarian syndrome, Cushing's syndrome, and high adrenal gland activity can induce hair to grow on the breasts.
  • The male hormones androgen and testosterone are abruptly produced. They might cause hair to grow in locations that are "unique" to men. This includes the hair on the nipples and the breasts.

Common treatments for hair growth on breasts

Temporary methods to get rid of unwanted hair are:

  • Tweezing: Most women are happy to tweeze them out. The open hair follicles may be more vulnerable to infection.
  • Shaving and waxing can cause roughness of the skin on the breast. This may not be pleasant for the baby to suck on.
  • Trimming may be uncomfortable. You also need to be careful not to cut your skin.
  • A paste made by combining equal parts of multani mitti, besan, haldi, and honey can be mixed and applied to the breast hair. Allow it to dry and wash completely. Home remedies can take a long time for the hair to fall out.

Permanent methods for breast hair removal safely:

  • Electrolysis.  Electrolysis can remove breast hair permanently. But the results may not always be long-lasting. During this procedure, the hair follicle will be punctured with a very fine needle. An electrical current will kill the hair root.
  • Laser: The best way to get rid of it is with permanent hair removal for breasts by lasers. The common question that arises is: does laser hair removal hurt? "No," is the answer. It's a painless procedure. You may only experience a slight biting sensation during the procedure.

Please speak to your dermatologist, gynaecologist, or endocrinologist to understand your problem and what treatment needs to be done accordingly.

What is laser hair reduction? Is it a permanent procedure?

Yes! Laser hair reduction is a permanent procedure. The laser hair reduction method targets your hair follicles. It creates permeable damage to your unwanted hair. This will reduce their growth. It converts thick, dark hair into very fine baby hair. These are negligible.

What is the process by which laser hair reduction is conducted?

  • The area is cleansed and shaved, and a cooling gel is applied.
  • The device is placed against the treatment area, damaging hair follicles and preventing the growth of new hair.
  • During the session, you may feel a slight stinging sensation.
  • After the session, an ice pack application is given to the skin.
  • The skin is cleansed, and an anti-inflammatory cream is applied.
  • Sunscreen is applied at the end of the session to protect your skin from sun exposure.
  • It may take a few sessions to achieve the desired results.

Who is eligible for laser hair reduction?

  • Laser hair reduction is a very popular treatment for any age, but most commonly for those between 20 and 45.
  • The darker the hair, the thicker the hair, and the lighter the skin, the better the laser will work for you.
  • The breast hair may be removed in just a few sessions. This is dependent on individual factors. Usually, the appointments are spaced monthly.
  • The type of laser used is also important.

Things to keep in mind when getting laser hair removal treatment

  • When there is a hormonal imbalance, you may not respond to treatment at all. The laser treatment can begin after the correction of hormonal levels or concurrently with the hair removal sessions.
  • Use sun protection cream two to three weeks before the session. This will prevent burns on your skin during the procedure. It will also reduce the chances of pigmentation after the laser session.
  • Avoid waxing or plucking 4–6 weeks before the session.
  • Avoid bleaching your hair. This will destroy the pigment present in your hair strand. This is the main target of laser light.
  • The doctor may prescribe you a hair reduction cream that needs to be applied before starting the session. You may have to continue to do so in between your hair removal sessions.

After the laser hair removal session

  • Slight redness may last for 1 to 2 days. An anti-inflammatory cream prescribed by your doctor needs to be applied for 2–3 days.
  • A slight roughness or dryness of the face can be expected. A good moisturiser has to be applied frequently.
  • After the session, it is very important to apply sunscreen cream to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Avoid waxing, bleaching, hair removal creams, and plucking.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

  • Laser hair removal is a permanent method of removing unwanted hair.
  • It helps avoid frequent threading, bleaching, or waxing.
  • Frequent threading or bleaching may cause a lot of pigmentation and dark spots. In laser hair removal, the skin lightens up.
  • However, in the long run, laser hair removal is the only effective and safest option for controlling hair growth.
  • Laser hair reduction on the chest will reduce your sweat and body odour. The more hair you have on your body, the more sweat will naturally come out.
  • It removes ingrown hair breast. This is because lasers will damage the hair down to the roots.
  • It requires multiple sessions. It is not an instant treatment. But effective results are seen.
  • Laser hair reduction is a quick, painless treatment procedure.
  • The majority of laser treatments are very fast.
  • The treatment is possible even on adult male chests.

If you are used to waxing or shaving, you can stop this now. Shaving or waxing can cause skin irritation in your body. On the other hand, laser treatment does not cause any skin irritation.

What should I expect at the end of the treatment?

  • Laser hair removal is, by far, a very safe process.
  • There may be a slight stinging or burning sensation during the procedure.
  • After the session, slight redness may persist for 1–2 days.
  • In the end, you may see very fine and light hair. It is barely visible in the treated area.

Cost of laser hair reduction treatment

Cost depends on your region, clinic reputation, hair growth causes, skin type, type of machine and technology used, laser used, hair density and texture, and location of the clinic. Always consult your doctor before starting the treatment.

Laser hair removal at UnCover starts at an affordable cost of Rs. 1,800 per session. You can also book unlimited sessions for one year.

Book an appointment for consultation and treatment. Our doctors, in addition to being skilled and knowledgeable, are wonderful humans. They’ll all put you at ease, whether you’re nervous about meeting us for the first time or just have a lot of questions.

For more information about the laser hair removal process and to book an appointment,

To conclude

To sum it up, having hair on the private part of your body is psychological. What we see in movies and television is artificial. It's kind of "man-made."

Laser and electrolysis treatments come at a cost. However, you must remember that they are relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of constantly using hair removal creams or being waxed. Instead, if you invest a little in lasers, you will get rid of your unwanted hair. Also, lasers work fantastically for all of this!

UnCover is the market leader in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. It provides expert care for your skin and hair with tailored treatment plans. UnCover should be the best choice for breast hair removal since they provide laser hair removal for the breast by experienced, skilled, and professional staff. The treatment offered is reasonably priced and uses cutting-edge, sophisticated technology. Thus, experts recommend it as a long-term cure for excessive breast hair reduction. 

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