Laser Hair Removal For Men. Does it Hurt?

Laser Hair Removal For Men. Does it Hurt?

Tired of waxing your chest, trimming your back, and plucking those stray hairs? Hair removal is a tedious process, but laser hair removal for men has made the process much less painful and time-consuming.

Men, if you’re thinking about getting laser hair removal for your unwanted body hair, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about laser hair removal.

Here's everything you need to know about laser hair removal for men.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Men?

Laser hair removal is the reason why celebrities are always talking about their laser treatments. The lasers emit pulses of light into the skin to target and destroy hair follicles, and when that happens, hair can no longer grow.

The best hair removal results are achieved after multiple sessions to cover larger areas of the body. Because hair goes through three different stages of growth, it is only effective to have it treated in the active growth phase. With multiple treatments spread out over weeks, the laser can capture every hair in the growth phase.

What Areas of the Body Can be Treated?

Laser hair removal is popular among men everywhere—except for the eyelids. It is removal popular in the stomach, neck, back, groin, backside, and between the eyebrows

While laser hair removal is most popular in those places, you can also get it on your: nose, forehead, ears, bikini line, scalp, and other areas.

If you're wondering if you can get laser hair removal on a specific part of your body, don't hesitate to schedule a consultation with us today!

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

It's not unusual for people to experience varying results from laser treatments. Some people see permanent results, while others only see temporary hair removal.

There's a lot more to the hair loss game than meets the eye. And not just because of your skin type, but also because of where your hair grows. People with light skin and dark hair are most likely to benefit from treatment. It is easier to get rid of hair growth on people with dark skin and light hair, as well as on people with fair skin and light hair but the vice versa is harder.

Some people will see hair loss following this procedure, but others may need to return for a touch-up treatment in a year or two. The success of the procedure depends upon how many treatments they have had and whether they have been successful.

What to Do Before Laser Hair Removal?

Don’t let laser hair removal scare you—start by consulting with a certified and licensed professional. During your initial consultation, your laser technician will estimate how many sessions you’ll needs.

The number of treatments required depends largely on the size of the area being treated, as well as your skin type.

When you visit the doctor, ask lots of questions so that you know what to expect. One of the most common questions is, “Does it hurt?” Don’t worry—pain from laser hair removal is rated a 10 on the 1 to 10 pain scale. It feels like snapping a rubber band against your skin.

Your laser technician will also give you instructions on how to prepare for laser hair removal. These involve shaving the area before treatment, and avoiding exposure to the sun.

What to Expect After Laser Hair Treatment?

Most people experience redness and swelling in the area, especially within the first few hours after treatment. But what you do after the treatment is just as important as what you do to prepare.

But don’t just rely on your good judgment—stay out of the sun, don’t sweat in the treated area, and don’t head to the gym for 48 hours after a treatment.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men

  • The most obvious benefit of laser hair removal is that it leaves you hairless, like a newborn baby.
  • You'll also enjoy fewer painful bumps on your groin and chest, where many men experience ingrown hairs after shaving.
  • Laser hair removal makes you smell sweeter. Less hair means less sweat — and fewer odors.

But if there's no guarantee that laser hair removal will be 100% effective, should you try it?

Yes, most people can see significant hair loss. And yes, that means less maintenance for you—even if you have a few hairs remaining.

Don’t risk your safety or the safety of your loved ones by opting for a less-than-perfect procedure. Only go to a reputable clinic for the safest and most effective results.

Before and after treatment, listen to what your technician tells you to do. Following the rules can help you see effective results and avoid unnecessary damage to the skin.

Maybe you’re looking for a way to get rid of those pesky hairs on your face or want a smoother, more toned body. Or maybe you want to stop getting those embarrassing red bumps on your neck after shaving.

Men, there’s no reason to go through the pain of razors and waxing. Laser hair removal is a safe, effective procedure that can give you the hair-free body you’ve always wanted.

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