Medi Facials

  1. Why should you go for it?

Medi facials are unlikely to be the regular facials that you do, it's the facials that are backed with medical technology that aims at enhancing the texture of the skin. It amplifies the collagen intensity in the skin with the aim to give a new & sheer layer of skin!

  1. Cost of Medi facial

The cost of a Medi facial depends on the multiple factors, however, on average it can range 

somewhere between 2500-3500

  1. Do’s and Don’ts after a Medi Facial 

Medi Facials are backed with medical technologies and hence, require extensive post-facial care:


  • Staying hydrated is the niche drill, make sure that your skin isn’t parched and the water content is being fulfilled by the body
  • Its very likely for your skin to be extra photosensitive and hence, its crucial to not to skip sun protection.
  • Cleansing should be accustomed to the skin regime, make sure that you’re using gentle cleansers.

Don’t s

  • Don't visit a sauna or take steam post-Medi facial as it can reverse the effects of Medi Facial
  • Don’t change or integrate a new product in your skincare routine. 
  1. At What age do you start Medi Facial?

There’s no specific age required to get started with Medi Facials, it rather depends on what your skin is demanding

  1. How often should you get a Medi Facial done?

On the safer side, its good to get a Medi facial done in the span of 2-3 weeks, but people with acute skin issues or acne must get a facial done every 2 weeks for deep cleansing of the skin. 

  1. Best Medi facial for oily/acne-prone, dry skin type?

Different skin types demand different treatments & the best-suited Medi facials for oil/acne-prone skin types is the facial that entails enzymes, microabrasion &  combination of skin actives. It helps in enhancing the overall appearance of the skin. 

  1. Best time to get a Medi Facial done?

There’s no best time or optimal time to get a Medi facial done, as your skin demands or when you feel your skin is losing luminosity then get a deep cleansing done with a Medi facial.

  1. Downtime of Medi Facial 

The best thing about Medi facial is that it’s personally curated for different skin types & skin needs and hence, it doesn’t come up with any downtime per se. However, post the facial, you can experience slight redness on the face. 

  1. How to get a glass skin?

Drenching your skin in moisture is the hallmark of this approach, for this regime, it’s important to be consistent with your skin care routine. There are a few steps, if followed consistently could help you achieve the glass like skin. Begin with double cleanse, followed bya a toner, serum & moisturizer. A stable lifestyle just adds four moons to skin.

  1. Can Medi facial help in removing tan?

There are plethora of benefits that Medi facials come with, tan removal is one of them. With thorough cleanisign of the skin, the texture, appearance & overall glow of the skin amplifies. Medi facials also have anti inflammatory properties, because of which skin appears for youthful & hydrated.

  1. How many sittings do I need for medi-facials?

One sitting of Medi facial does the job perfectly, it geives you the desired resutls. 

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