Scar Removal Treatment 

  1. Can scars be removed permanently/completely?

There’s no substantial evidence that shows that scars disappear completely. Some faded marks still persist on the skin, however, with consistent skincare & proper care the scars could be made visibly lighter. For accurate results, you can consider visiting a certified dermatologist.

  1. How do lasers work to reduce the scars?

Laser treatment uses a beam of light with discrete light that works directly on the affected area. This beam of light either removes the scar tissue or pokes the tissues that eventually stimulate the collagen on the skin, as a result, the protein gets aggravated and the skin becomes smoother & appears even toned.

  1. What scars can be treated?

The stubborn of stubborn scars can be treated, be it Keloidal, Hypertrophic, or acne scar. However, the different scars would require different treatments. Keloids scar often appear due to the increased production of collagen in the skin. Hypertrophic scars are usually red and raised scars, that often hurt & beam of high-frequency light is used to treat the scar.

  1. How long does scar revision take to heal?

The initial healing of the scar could be a bit prolonged as it comes up with localized swelling, discolouration & discomfort to the skin. Usually, if the treatment is being done well, the scar could heal within 1-2 weeks depending upon its magnitude. 

  1. Types of acne & their treatments 

Hormonal dysfunction in the body usually catalyse acne. The most common and mildest form of acne is blackheads & whiteheads. They usually appear on the skin due to clogged pores, sedimented gunk and impurities in the skin & excessive sebum production. Blackheads & whiteheads can be easily cleared up by using common over-the-counter medicines & regular exfoliation of the skin also helps in clearing up blackheads. Exfoliation breaks the layer of dead skin cells & sedimented gunk, giving the pores space to breathe 

  1. How many sittings are required for scar removal?

Laser and light treatment is the most popular treatment that is being used to treat scars, it requires near about 3-6 sittings in the span of 2 months to demystify the appearance of the scar from the skin. 

  1. Cost of scar removal treatment 

There’s no specific or average cost to determine the cost of scar removal. It usually depends upon the type and magnitude of the scar that is being treated. However, common surgical scars and acne scars may cost somewhere between 30,000-50,000

  1. Is it for all skin types?

Scar removal treatment doesn't cater to any constraint of a particular skin type, and hence it can be done by any skin type. However, dermatologists recommend different precautionary measures for different skin types & accordingly, skin care treatments are suggested.

  1. Is scar removal safe for the face?

Yes, laser scar removal could be easily worked on scars on the face as well. The Sharp beam of light works on the affected area while also mitigating the itching & inflammation in the nearby area of the scar. 

  1. Side effects of scar removal treatment 

There has not been any evidence that corroborates that Scar removal treatment has major side effects, however, some minor side effects would be redness, itching and sometimes bleeding on the skin, this can also be treated with regular medications.

  1. Which derma roller is best for scar removal?

Derma roller or also called derma needling can be very beneficial in dealing with scars, if used regularly it can also help in uplifting the facial muscles whilst making them look more chiselled. The best derma roller in the market currently is ORS fac micro needle roller system.

  1.  the Best way to get rid of stretch marks 

In two of the largest studies, it was shown that applying coconut oil & hyaluronic acid can diminish the appearance of stretch marks to great extent. Stretch marks often occur due the fluctuations in weight. Regular application of hyaluronic acid can help in reducing stretch marks, and many OTC medicines like Tretinoin (a retinoid) can also help. 

  1.  How effective are scar removal creams?

There’s no such proven formula that claims that scar can be eliminated completely, all the scar removal creams can hydrate the affected area, & smoothen the area by reducing the redness but complete elimination of scars is unlikely. 

  1.  Permanent solution for injury/ burn? 

The solution to the injury/burn depends on the degree & magnitude of the burn. However, the most commonly used solution that would come in handy to treat the burns could be the usage of running cold water on the burn, applying toothpaste on the periphery of the burn, & also, regular application of Aloe vera gel could also help.

  1. Will scar removal treatment removes keloids?

Sessions using a pulsed dye laser can flatten larger keloids. This technique has also helped to reduce itching and make keloids disappear. Therapy using pulsed dye lasers is administered over a number of sessions, with 4 to 8 weeks in between each session. The combination of laser therapy and cortisone injections may be suggested by your doctor.

  1.  How can I get rid of unwanted moles/birthmarks?

Depending on the extent of the origin of the mole, radiofrequency, laser, or shave excision techniques are used to treat it in a single session. Additionally, warts are burned and treated using the radiofrequency ablation procedure. Warts have the propensity to come back, necessitating the requirements of the user.

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