Stretch marks cream after delivery

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Stretch marks cream after delivery

Stretch marks can be annoying. It may cause stress to women who have just delivered a child. Stretch marks develop when the skin is stretched very quickly. These marks, also known as striae gravidarum, are essentially a scar. Find out how to treat them.

Why does one develop stretch marks during pregnancy?

Stretch marks are very common during pregnancy and are seen in 55 to 90% of pregnant women. Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy cause stretch marks. They can appear on the breasts, thighs, hips, abdomen, and buttocks.

Risk factors for developing stretch marks during pregnancy

  • Women who get pregnant at a younger age.
  • Women with a history of stretch marks on their thighs or breasts.
  • Women with a high pre-pregnancy or post-delivery weight.
  • Women who deliver babies with higher birth weights.
  • Family history of stretch marks in women.
  • Increased alcohol intake.
  • Reduced water intake.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Gestational diabetes.

How can one prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

Stretch marks are genetically determined. If one is predisposed to developing stretch marks, one will develop them and no cream might help.

When one is developing stretch marks, the abdomen gets very itchy. Scratching the skin can lead to secondary infections.

One must use a good moisturizer, coconut oil, or olive oil on the abdomen to moisturize and hydrate the skin. This will make the abdomen less itchy. Moisturizers reduce the chance of developing stretch marks. But they can't prevent them.

One must try to slowly gain weight and keep one's weight under control by remaining active throughout the pregnancy. Exercising can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Using steroid creams can lead to stretch marks as well. Use steroid cream only under the advice and supervision of a dermatologist. 

If one has had multiple pregnancies, the overlying skin on the abdomen becomes lax. This causes extensive stretch marks. After delivery, stretch mark removal cream or procedures alone may not be able to improve the appearance of stretch marks. In such cases, surgical interventions may be needed to improve the appearance.

How can stretch marks be treated after delivery?

The treatment's goal is to make stretch marks less noticeable since stretch marks never fully disappear.

Stretch mark removal creams

  • One can apply the best stretch marks removal cream after delivery, as prescribed by a dermatologist.
  • One must avoid steroid-containing creams in areas such as the groin, armpits, or under the breasts. The friction in these areas can make the cream stick for longer, causing more harm. Steroids lead to thinning of the skin and the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Prescription creams with tretinoincan help improve the appearance of stretch marks. They come in concentrations of 0.025%, 0.05%, and 0.1% and can be applied over stretch marks at night. Tretinoin cream is contraindicated in pregnancy. If one is planning to get pregnant or is already pregnant, one should avoid using tretinoin. Tretinoin stretch mark cream after delivery must be applied to the affected area twice a day.
  • One can use over-the-counter scar reduction creams and lotions containing retinol. Retinol promotes collagen production.
  • Stretch mark cream containing hyaluronic acid absorbs water from the body and makes the skin more supple and hydrated. This, in turn, reduces the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Creams with vitamin E can be easily found at a pharmacy.
  • After delivery, stretch mark removal creams are effective only for the initial scars. All these creams can help keep the skin hydrated and reduce itching.

Other treatments

  • CO2 lasers
  • Micro-needling radio frequency (MRF)
  • Chemical peels using high concentrations of trichloroacetic acid (TCA)
  • Microdermabrasion

Cost of the stretch mark removal treatment

Thecost of stretch mark removal or scar reduction treatment depends on the area of treatment, the clinic's reputation, one's skin type, the clinic's location, and the type of machine and technology used.

Scar removal treatment at UnCover starts at an affordable rate of Rs. 3,000 per session.

When should one see a doctor?

Early treatment of scars can help minimize their growth. As soon as one notices such a scar, one must talk to a doctor. Early treatment may also reduce the number of sessions required. This can further reduce the overall scar removal cost.

To sum it up

Having a baby is a significant life event. One's body goes through a lot while delivering a child. Pregnancy-induced stretch marks are harmless. Everyone's body recovers in a different way. However, one can use some of the best stretch mark creams after delivery.

This depends on how severe one's stretch marks are. One may also undergo some helpful procedures. But not all treatment options will be as effective so one must always consult a physician at UnCover.

CTA: UnCover is the market leader in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. It provides expert care for your skin and hair with tailored treatment plans. UnCover should be the best choice for scar reduction since it provides the best treatment for stretch mark removal by experienced, skilled, and professional staff. The treatment offered is reasonably priced and uses cutting-edge, sophisticated technology.

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