Trimmer or Laser Hair Removal? Which is the Best Option for Men?

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Trimmer or Laser Hair Removal? Which is the Best Option for Men?

Hair removal is no longer limited to women. In fact, now it has become a common practice among men. It has now become a part of their routine hygiene regime. Moreover, men now get their eyebrows done. It's not just about getting rid of their body hair. This shows that now youth have normalised the idea that grooming is not just for women but also for men.

In any case, nothing is wrong with that! The majority of women dislike hairy men. Furthermore, taking care of your body and hygiene is completely normal. So, if you're still debating whether or not to have your hair removed, stop debating and start doing it. Because hair removal has become a new norm among men. It is no longer just for women!

And now that you have decided to get your hair removed, the real concern is how to do it. As men's body hair is thicker than women's, waxing is not an option for men. Now that leaves you with two other popular options: trimming and laser hair removal. Both of these are easy and effective. So, which one is the best?

But first, let's check why men should get their body hair removed.

Why Should Men Remove Their Body Hair?

There are many reasons for men to remove their hair other than for the sake of appearance. Following are some of the reasons why you should remove your body hair:

It's hygienic

As mentioned above, removing body hair is really hygienic. It helps keep your body clean. It also keeps that body odour at bay! Also, body hair can be an ideal environment for bacteria and other pathogens to thrive. This may cause various skin issues, including itching, fungal attacks, and even rashes.

It's aesthetic

A totally shaved body is more aesthetically pleasing, especially when going to the beach or a pool. Additionally, it makes you look proper and prim. It also ensures that you look your best.

It Feels Best With the Hair off

Believe us, the confidence you get with a prim and proper body and look is unmatched. Moreover, there's no stray hair peeking out from your hands or under your shirt collar.

It's a trend

We aren't in the 80s or 90s when body hair was a sign of a tough or macho man. Long are gone those days when body hair was thought to make men look attractive. In today's world, having body hair is more likely to indicate that you come from the Stone Age! While we don't say that only getting your hair removed makes you a modern man, believe it or not, it makes you more accepted in a youth-led society.

It Allows You To Show Off Your Body

With a completely trimmed body, each and every muscle in your body is highlighted. And you thought it would take away your masculinity, Doug?

Trimmer Vs. Laser hair removal?

As men's hair is thicker than women, it can be tough for them to decide which hair removal method they should use. Here is a quick comparison of both to help you make the right choice between laser hair removal and a trimmer.


Trimming is one of the most convenient methods of hair removal. It involves cutting your body hair with a razor or electric blade. This is quite easy and quick.

However, this is not a permanent hair removal solution. Hair may grow back quickly. There will be a need for frequent trimming sessions to maintain the clean, shaved look of your body.

Advantages of trimming:

  • Simple - Trimming is a simple task. It takes a few minutes to get the hair off your body. Moreover, you get instant results.
  • Cost-effective - Trimming is cheaper than laser treatment.
  • At-home Solution - One can do trimming at home without having to make a costly visit to the salon.
  • Painless - Trimming is mostly a painless procedure unless you accidentally nick yourself.

Disadvantages of trimming:

  • Incomplete hair removal - Trimming is not a viable solution for those looking to get rid of the entire hair in any given area. It only offers a partial trimming solution.
  • Not long-lasting solution - In trimming, the hairs are cut above the skin. They are not removed entirely, so the hair will soon start growing again, and the process must be repeated.
  • High risk of injury - The trimming blade is sharp. If not handled carefully, it can lead to serious cuts and injuries. It is unsuitable for use in sensitive skin areas like the bikini line and armpits, as the blade can easily snag on sensitive skin.

Laser hair removal

As the names suggest, this method involves the use of lasers to get rid of those pesky, unwanted body hairs off your radiant and masculine body.

A laser hair removal method damages the hair follicles. It thus prevents further growth of body hair. This is a safe and effective method with no side effects.

It is a long-lasting form of hair removal. In this, the hair follicle is either damaged or completely destroyed. However, hair may regrow if the hair follicle is not destroyed. Thus multiple sessions may be required for a permanent hair removal solution.

Advantages of laser hair removal:

  • Permanent hair removal - Laser treatment damages the hair follicle and can even completely destroy the hair follicle providing a permanent solution.
  • No ingrown hair - As the hair follicles are damaged/destroyed, it eliminates the risk of ingrown hair. This is a common issue experienced with other methods such as waxing and shaving.
  • More safety and no pain - Laser hair removal is considered a safe alternative to trimming. It doesn't involve any blades or other sharp instruments that can cause cuts and pain. However, sometimes allergic reactions may occur due to the gel applied before the treatment.
  • Convenient - Laser hair removal is a much more convenient option than other methods. This is because it is a long-lasting solution that can be performed in the comfort of your home.

Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal:

  • Skin irritation - As mentioned above, if you are allergic to the gel applied to your skin, this could result in an allergic reaction or irritation.
  • Pigment changes - The after-results of laser hair removal may include a slight change in the pigmentation of your skin. However, this resolves on its own within a few days.

Should I Get A Laser Trimmer?

Considering the benefits of laser hair removal, you may want to consider getting a laser hair removal trimmer for your body. There are several at-home permanent hair removal trimmers available on the market. They provide an easy, quick, and long-lasting hair removal solution.

List of the top 5 At-Home Laser Trimmers Available In The Market

Choosing a laser trimmer can be a daunting task, especially when you have hundreds of options in the market. The below-given list is based on user reviews and ratings to help you choose the best laser trimmer for your needs.

  1. Braun Silk Expert IPL Hair Removal System
  2. Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction System
  3. Silk’n Flash & Go Jewel Hair Removal Device
  4. Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X
  5. MiSMON At-Home Hair Removal Machine

However, the results from these devices are not comparable to professional laser hair removal treatments performed by a certified technician in a medical spa. The at-home laser hair trimmer may irritate the skin. This could be due to inconsistent laser strength and wavelength used. On the other hand, a medical spa can provide results with minimal side effects.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal at UnCover

At UnCover, we offer a permanent solution to your hair removal needs. With experienced staff and a state-of-the-art facility, we can provide laser hair removal treatments that are more effective and safer than at-home options.

Our treatments are tailored to your specific needs, such as skin type, hair colour, and area of the body being treated, thus providing the most effective results for long-term hair removal.

Furthermore, our treatments are done with FDA-approved techniques, guaranteeing you the highest safety standards. We also provide after-treatment care. This includes creams and gels to reduce inflammation and possible skin reactions from the treatment. Our treatments are also more cost-effective than at-home trimmers. They can save you money in the long run.

The bottom line

Trimming and laser hair removal are both effective solutions for hair removal, with laser hair removal being the most permanent solution.

Trimming is more convenient. It can be done at home with minimal cost. Whereas laser hair removal provides a more permanent solution with minimal pain and side effects.

Depending on your desired result, it is important to consider both options when deciding on a hair removal solution, as the best option may vary from person to person.  

At UnCover, we are dedicated to providing the best possible solution for your hair removal needs. We understand that everyone is unique. So we provide the most suitable solution for your needs. We strive to ensure that you experience the best results with minimal pain and discomfort, allowing you to return to your life confidently. Our team comprises experienced medical professionals to provide you with the best care possible.

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