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Not so scary after all – cost of vampire facial & how it’s done

People choose to get facials to rejuvenate and energize their skin and feel good about themselves. While new ways of getting a facial keep trending, the goal remains the same. While considering a beauty treatment, people consider several things – including its cost, its effectiveness, its suitability, and the process itself.

Vampire facial is now trending. Let's find out more about what a vampire facial is, what is the cost of a vampire facial in India, what is the treatment procedure, and what are its benefits to see if it is worth it.

What is a vampire facial?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and micro-needling are combined in a vampire facial. The skin is punctured with short, fine needles in micro needling. However, the needles only penetrate the skin to the depth of a pinprick. The pricks injure the skin, causing the skin to produce elastin and collagen to heal itself and allow the PRP to reach deeper into the skin.

People with uneven skin tones, high levels of solar damage, or wrinkles and fine lines can benefit from this procedure. This process is elaborate and requires multiple sessions, so the vampire facial price varies and depends upon the skin type and the skin concern.

The process of a vampire facial

The expert will initially draw out blood from the client's body. After that, they'll take platelets out of the blood using a centrifuge that spins the blood to separate its layers. The platelet-rich plasma is collected.

Finally, micro-needling or microdermabrasion is used to apply these platelets to the skin. The person's skin is tricked into thinking it is injured when the platelets are so applied, which prompts the skin to produce more collagen.

Is the process safe?

Vampire facials are safe and well tolerated in most individuals and are associated with minimal side effects. However, there can also be noticeable issues if the procedure isn’t performed with care and by an expert. These are some of the side effects that patients have reported. 

  • Infection: PRP therapy is generally considered safe because it uses the patient's blood, reducing the likelihood of infections or allergic reactions. But there's still some possibility of infection whenever the skin is punctured. 
  • Swelling and expanding: Patients may experience swelling and bruising in the treated areas following the procedure. However, this generally resolves in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Pain: The procedure is generally painless. Some people may experience mild discomfort and heat in the area being treated while undergoing the procedure.

However, if trained professionals perform the procedure, it will likely be harmless with minimal or no side effects. 

Note: Patients should talk to a dermatologist before getting the treatment and should get the treatment done at a reputed clinic and by a trained medical professional.

Cost of a vampire facial

The cost of a vampire facial can range anywhere between Rs 4500 to Rs 10000 per session. Additionally, the results can last up to 18 months. Vampire facials are less expensive because they do not include dermal injections but only a PRP-infused mask and surface massage.

The cost of cosmetic procedures usually sounds high. But all of it makes sense once one understands the process and considers the benefits of the treatment. 

Vampire facial price depends on a lot of factors. The part of the face being treated, the city, the clinic, and the experience of the doctor all influence the procedure's exact cost. For instance, the cost of a vampire facial for the under-eye area is less than that of the procedure done on the entire face.

Difference between vampire facial & vampire facelift 

There’s also a thing called vampire facelift, which differs from the facial. Let's find out how they differ!

The vampire facelift primarily focuses on using PRP and hyaluronic acid fillers to address the more obvious signs of ageing. The vampire facial, on the other hand, focuses on using PRP and micro-needling to make the skin look and feel better.

Dermal fillers provide improvements that can be seen the same day, so the vampire facelift results can be seen sooner than those of the vampire facial. However, a vampire facelift is more expensive.

A vampire facelift typically costs between Rs 30,000 and Rs 80,000. The clinic, the area of the face treated, and other factors may influence these prices. The total vampire facelift cost also depends on the number of sessions and the amount of filler needed.

The cost of vampire facials and vampire facelifts mainly differ due to the methods involved. Also, note that not all clinics offer both procedures.

A vampire facelift is better for people who want firmer, less wrinkled skin. At the same time, the vampire facial may be better for people who want to rejuvenate their skin as a whole.

Post-Procedural care 

After the procedure, treating the skin and body with utmost care is important. A good routine always helps, which also involves maintaining a healthy diet. Additionally, here are some points to remember to avoid any side effects after the procedure:

  • It's advised to avoid washing the face for close to 48 or 72 hours following the procedure. 
  • Unwanted medications need not be taken for close to a week. 
  • One must avoid smoking and drinking for a week after the procedure. 
  • It's important to take the medications prescribed by the cosmetologist.  
  • Getting plenty of rest and care and eating healthy food is a must.
  • One's skin needs to be hydrated and protected from the sun after the procedure.

Summing up 

Ageing is a part of life and should be embraced like any other phase. While it’s important not to fall for beauty standards, cosmetic procedures are a choice. If they make you happy or feel better, go for it. If you are looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of skin ageing, a vampire facial may be a good option for you. Consult a professional or a dermatologist to know which treatment will be best for you.

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