Myths & Facts About Skin Whitening Treatment

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Myths & Facts About Skin Whitening Treatment

Everyone, be it men or women, wants to look beautiful and young, but each one has a different skin type. Some have dark skin, while some have white skin. Many people are obsessed with fairer skin which compels them to undergo skin whitening treatment. There is a lot of debate around myths and facts about skin whitening. However, skin whitening aims to reduce the melanin pigment in the skin resulting in whiter skin.

This article discusses some myths and facts about skin whitening treatments that can help you determine whether this treatment is right for you.

8 Myths &Facts About Skin Whitening Treatment

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Myth – Skin Whitening treatment is the same as Skin Bleaching

Fact – This is entirely wrong. The bleaching treatment changes the skin color and facial hair, whereas the whitening treatment aims to repair the skin tone and restore the original youthful glow.

Myth – Without whitening the surrounding skin, dark spots cannot be lightened

Fact – Q-switched Nd: YAG laser technique is used for skin lightening that targets melanin overproduction explicitly by disrupting the production chain. This advanced laser has an accurate precision ratio that never damages the surrounding skin while removing the most stubborn dark spots.

Myth – Skin whitening treatments have side effects

Fact – Absolutely No. Before beginning the skin whitening treatment, a dermatologist will examine your skin type and problem and check the family history for skin concerns. Next, the skin doctor will choose the correct method to whiten your skin. Moreover, your doctor will monitor the progress and change the skin treatment option if any side effects occur.

Myth: Skin Whitening Treatment is suitable for only Black people

Fact – People of all races can avail of this treatment to achieve a fairer or more even complexion. Light-skinned people can take skin-lightening treatments to look younger by reducing blemishes or age spots on the skin.

Myth – Drinking Plenty of Water Results in Skin Whitening

Fact – Drinking excess water doesn’t help to get fairer skin. It only improves your body function and makes your skin healthy. Moreover, inadequate water consumption can affect the functioning of your body.

Myth - Exposure to Laser causes radiation

Fact – The laser used for skin whitening is safe because it uses harmless ionizing radiation and light. Moreover, a certified dermatologist with in-depth knowledge of human skin and laser physics can use the laser on your skin.

Myth – Laser’s cause Cancer

Fact - No, the laser doesn’t contain wavelength that causes cancer. Instead, laser treatments are used for removing skin cancers.

Myth – Natural medicines are safe for Skin Whitening

Fact – Natural medication contains the main unknown or clinically not tested substance. So, to use any new compounds for medical use, they must undergo rigorous testing to be clinically approved for human use. In India, it's common to use many medicines that are not clinically approved, which leaves us doubting their effectiveness and safety.


You should not blindly believe in the myth and facts about skin whitening treatment but trust a certified dermatologist. Although the skin whitening procedure looks tempting and is fast and effective, we must visit the best dermatologist for these treatments. It’s essential to consult a trusted and experienced dermatologist and discuss the pros and cons of skin lightening before deciding.

I hope you find this article informative! If you want to get rid of dark, tanned skin or a uniform skin tone, make an appointment with Uncover Clinics by Meddo. Talk to our skin experts today to find the most effective skin whitening treatment for you!

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